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The Neurotransmitter Connection to Stress: Case Studies and Clinical Applications

Presented by Scott Theirl, DC

Case studies are always a great opportunity to solidify clinical applications. At this time, it seems appropriate to focus on the stress that patients are reporting. Responses to stress vary patient by patient. Insomnia, fatigue, anxiousness, depressive episodes, poor attention, increased pain, GI distress, and weight gain are some of the most common presentations to our offices. Looking for common threads is crucial to supporting patients on their road to health. The nervous system uses neurotransmitters all day, everyday, and stress places an increased demand on these neurotransmitter systems. Join Dr. Scott Theirl as he discusses why neurotransmitters, along with hormones such as cortisol, are key to understanding your patients stress responses and symptoms. The basic concepts involved in neurotransmitter interpretation will be reviewed. Case studies will then be utilized to personalize therapeutic recommendations.