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Iron; RBC

CPT Code


Specimen Requirements

3 mL Red Blood Cells (combined volume from both tubes)

Collection Container/Tube

Royal Blue-top tube with EDTA (Trace Metal Free). Alternative: Any EDTA Trace Metal Free tube.

Transport Container/Tube

Blood collection tubes placed into clear plastic capped protective tubes

Minimum Specimen Volume

1 mL

Rejection Criteria

Blood is clotted
Inadequate separation of red blood cells

Stability Information

Room temperature: 30 days
Refrigerated: 30 days
Frozen: 30 days
37°C/99°F: 7 days



Turnaround Time

3 - 5 days

Reference Intervals

Sex Age
Female 0-3 years 780-1000 µg/g
Female 4-12 years 780-1000 µg/g
Female 13-16 years 780-1000 µg/g
Female 17-99 years 800-1010 µg/g
Male 0-3 years 780-1000 µg/g
Male 4-12 years 780-1000 µg/g
Male 13-16 years 780-1000 µg/g
Male 17-99 years 810-1020 µg/g