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Comprehensive Drinking Water Analysis

To assure safe drinking water, you should test your water for these elements.
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Turnaround Time

8 to 10 days

Analytes Tested

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Analyte CPT ABN Required
Aluminum, water 82108 No
Antimony, water 83018 No
Arsenic, water 82175 No
Barium, water 83018 No
Beryllium, water 83018 No
Cadmium, water 82300 No
Chromium, water 82495 No
Copper, water 82525 No
Fluoride, water 82735 No
Iron, water 83540 No
Lead, water 83655 No
Manganese, water 83785 No
Mercury, water 83825 No
Nickel, water 83885 No
Selenium, water 84255 No
Thallium, water 83018 No
Uranium, water 83018 No
Zinc, water 84630 No
pH, water No

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Doctor's Data offers profiles containing multiple analytes. *Multiple analytes may be billed under a single CPT code. Many analytes can be ordered individually. Pricing may vary. Click on a specific analyte for more information or read our detailed billing and payment policies.

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